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Student Support

ADVISORY CLASSROOM is a place where students and advisors come together as a family to share, play, develop, and enhance the well-being of the students. It is characterized by a freedom of expression and everyone being personally present with each other. This class, at the beginning of each day, bridges the transition from home to school in the morning.

The Advisory class should foster the students ‘sense of belonging’ in the school environment. Our goal is that each and every student feels that he/she belongs here and is comfortable in this setting. Each student should feel comfortable with every other student and adult in our school. This sense of belonging will hopefully spill over into other settings in their lives.

Advisory also fosters the "sense of self" in each student. We want each student to become comfortable with the individual that he/she is and is in process of becoming. Our advisory role is very important in fostering this individuality and independence.


  1. Support all students in being successful academically and socially and personally.
  2. Foster a sense of belonging in the Advisory class and the River School
  3. Foster a strong sense of self in each student and a sense of community.
  4. Throughout the school year each advisory class should be working toward the ability to function as a huge listening group: attentive, appreciative of each other’s individual uniqueness, helpful, and caring.

In keeping with the principle of nurturing student's voice, students conduct their own academic conferences twice a year. They spend hours preparing for this conference using a protocol that includes gathering their work for each class, writing a letter to their parents sharing what they have learned and what they have to work on in each class, and getting written feedback from parents. When students conduct their own conferences, they gain ownership of their learning and feel empowered in charting the course of what they need to do in other be successful academically.